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Our olive wood breakfast boards are a beautiful addition to any home. Their versatile nature and practical design make them easy to handle so they’re perfect for breakfast in bed, or at the table!

Being made from one piece of olive wood, the grain is continuous and unique.

Cleaning is simple too; simply clean under running water. From time to time, rub a little Olive Oil into the wood to refresh its warmth and powerful grain.

The products in our Olive Wood range are made from trees that have been producing fruit for decades in the Mediterranean.

Thanks to their slow growth, olive trees produce hard and dense wood (around twice the hardness of oak!). It’s incredibly hygienic and scratch resistant. Not only this, but it’s also insensitive to acids and, thanks to its narrowness, doesn’t absorb odors. With the beautiful grain, formed over centuries of its life, each piece is unique – making them the perfect addition to your home.



Length: 30cm
Width: 15cm
Height: 1.5cm
Please note that each board has its own natural shape, so all sizes are approximate.

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