Design your perfect table and bench right here with The Rustic Table Company


First, choose your table and/or bench top finish.

Tone 1 – Natural

 A light natural finish similar to an original scrubtop pine table.

Please note that our ‘Natural’ finish is not available with our ‘Rustic Characterful’ planks.

Tone 2 – Light Antique

Our classic tone, a timeless mid-depth shade similar to the majority of modern oak finishes.

Tone 3 – Dark Antique

A deeper and greyer weathered tone similar to light walnut or rich oak. 


Then choose what type of board you would like for your table/bench top.

Clean Uniform

If you want a very crisp clean finish please request clean uniform boards.

You will get beautiful solid wood planks with uniform edges and no overly rustic features.

There will be no missing knots, no obvious splits, no dents, no marks from previous use.

Being solid wood you can still expect a small amount of seasonal movement.

Somewhere in the

Our standard tabletop finish is a gentle blend of character but completely functional.

What to expect: some characterful traits, but nothing too obvious or too many in number. Possibly some small missing knots sanded smooth or some highlighted grain marks. Some very minor stable splits or gentle dents.

In essence, a solid wood tabletop you won’t find on the high street!

Rustic Characterful

If you want something with lots of features and character then request a particularly rustic top.

You will get an assortment of the following characteristics: missing knots, minor splits, dents, old nails/staples, and old saw marks.

Basically more signs of a previous life and more natural features!

This finish comes with an additional charge as the older boards need more work to make them beautiful.

Please note that our ‘Natural’ finish is not available with our ‘Rustic Characterful’ planks.


Then select the corners that you would like your table/bench to have.

Traditional Corners

Our traditional corners come as standard.

For our traditional corners, we add a slight angle on the top, bottom, and corners of the table just to remove any sharp edges whilst maintaining the straight edge of the planks.

Rounded Corners

Our rounded and smooth corners are a new addition for Spring 2023.

For our rounded corners we gently
round the top and bottom of the table top and corners, this makes the table very comfortable to use.

All to Get the Perfect Table For You

This is a top-down view of both our traditional and rounded corner finishes.

Left bench: Traditional
Right bench: Rounded


Aka, the fun part!

We have an inclusive range of 18 Farrow & Ball colour matched tones* in low sheen eggshell finish. We can also offer a light antique or dark antique finish to the table/bench legs as well to match the table/bench tops.

To see the colours in person you can order a hand-painted colour card via the online shop. Please be aware that lighting conditions and computer screen differences may affect the way the colours appear on the website.

*If you would prefer true Farrow & Ball colours then please select the ‘Custom Colour’ option for your item and we will purchase the paint for your item directly from Farrow & Ball.


A crisp and  clean contemporary white.


Fresh creamy white for a softer finish.

Elephants Breath

Warm contemporary grey with pink undertones.

Pavillion Gray

Pale cool grey – a neutral tone.

Manor House Gray

Muted light grey – a soft classic tone.


Mid tone grey.

Charleston Gray

A warm gray with brown undertones.

Blue Gray

Pale blue with a hint of greeny grey undertones.

Green Smoke

A deep, dark, and smokey green.

Oval Room Blue

Classic soft pastel blue.

De Nimes

An earthy blue with a regency flair.


Vibrant warm turquoise.

Stone Blue

Rich and warm mid blue.

Inchyra Blue

Aged deep blue which appears greyer in soft light and greener in strong light.

Stiffkey Blue

Rich blue – a strong contemporary tone.

Hague Blue

A deep traditional navy blue.


Dark grey with blue undertones.


Dark blue black – a statement colour.

Light Antique*

A timeless mid depth shade similar to the majority of modern oak finishes.

Dark Antique*

A deeper weathered tone, similar to light walnut or rich oak.

See the colours for yourself!

Purchase our hand-painted colour card here.

 *Please note that our ‘Light Antique’ and ‘Dark Antique’ leg finishes are not an identical match to our ‘Light Antique’ and ‘Dark Antique’ top finishes.
There may be slightly darker patches on the legs due to the table tops and table legs being made from different wood with different grains – our tabletops are made from spruce, whilst our table legs are made from pine. Every effort is made to achieve a cohesive look.

Can’t find the right colour?

If our range of 20 shades are not right for you then no problem. We can colour match* your preferred paint to ensure you get the exact shade!

Here are just some of colour match shades we have done for customers.

Charlotte’s Locks (Farrow & Ball)

Bright playful orange that is sure to make a statement

Calamine Pink
(Farrow & Ball)

Muted dusky pink

(Farrow & Ball)

Warm aubergine for a sophisticated look.

(Farrow & Ball)

A contemporary red.

Spar Cave
(Isle of Skye)

Deep green with a touch of blue

(Farrow & Ball)

A fun spring green

(Farrow & Ball)

Cheerful and warm yellow

Eating Room Red (Farrow & Ball)

A rich burgundy red.

(Farrow & Ball)

A dark green with gray undertones.

California Tar
(Farrow & Ball)

An off black

Verte De Terre
(Farrow & Ball)

A fresh, soft green

If you would like your handmade table or bench to be finished in your chosen colour then simply select the custom colour match option when you place your order and inform our team of your chosen colour.

*We can paint your table/bench legs in any colour providing that the colour is publicly available in the appropriate paint for our wooden-legged tables. If you are unsure then please get in touch with the team to confirm.

You are welcome to get in touch with our team ahead of placing your order to discuss your colour choices.