The Team

We are a small business working with a close knit female led team! We are never far from the phone or laptop so it’s always easy to get hold of us.

Our Story

We used to run a hip and trendy antique furniture shop and were always being asked for original Victorian farmhouse tables but could never find enough. So Mr Rustic was sent out to the barn to start building one from some old reclaimed timber and it all started from there!

More than five years on and we have grown into a thriving business providing jobs for more than twenty people. 

Our Ethos

We’re a genuinely caring bunch and like to do what we can to help the planet. In our home life, we try to avoid buying mass-produced items and much prefer to support local businesses.

The same ethos applies to our business. We source all our wood in the UK and buy whatever we can from small UK companies. Our packaging is reusable and our paints and waxes are all water-based and low VOC making them safe for everyone including kids and pets.

We never throw away wood, off-cuts are used for kindling or given away for garden use.

Bespoke Farmhouse Dining Set