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Handpicked for their soft fleece, our Sheepskin Rugs are a simple way to add warmth and luxury to your home.

Whether you want to drape them over furniture or place them in front of the log fire, our rugs blend perfectly with every theme or style.

These sumptuous sheepskin rugs are luxuriously soft to the touch, have hypoallergenic properties, and offer exceptional strength and durability.

Keeping them clean won’t be a huge task either, their fibres retain a natural oil that resists dirt and grease! Keep them fresh with a regular shake and/or brush (check out our brush here) and they’ll stay looking as good as new.

Sourced from sheep pastured on the grasslands of New Zealand and southern Australia, the rugs in our range are the byproduct of pastoral farming where sheep are raised primarily for meat.

  • Small: 60cm x 85cm | £40
  • Medium:  65cm x 90cm | £45
  • Large:  60cm x 95cm | £55
  • X Large: 60cm x 100cm | £58
  • Double available in two sizes:65cm x 160cm (£80) and 65cm x 180cm (£85) (BOTH ARE OUT OF STOCK)

Please note that all sizes are approximate due to the organic nature of our sheepskin rugs

Colours available:

  • Ivory (in limited sizes)
  • Oyster (in limited sizes)
  • Champagne (in limited sizes)
  • Light Gray (in limited sizes)
  • Natural Brown (sold out in every size)
  • Taupe (in limited sizes)
  • Dark Gray (in limited sizes)
  • Black (in limited sizes)

Images show our Sheepskin rugs paired with the popular Farmhouse Bench and our Bakery and Dairy Bench.

Additional information

Weight45.359237 kg

Small (60cm x 85cm) – Ivory £40, Small (60cm x 85cm) – Oyster £40, Small (60cm x 85cm) – Champagne £40, Small (60cm x 85cm) – Light Gray £40, Small (60cm x 85cm) – Natural Brown £40, Small (60cm x 85cm) – Taupe £40, Small (60cm x 85cm) – Dark Gray £40, Small (60cm x 85cm) – Black £40, Medium (60cm x 90cm) Ivory £45, Medium (60cm x 90cm) Oyster £45, Medium (60cm x 90cm) Champagne £45, Medium (60cm x 90cm) Light Gray £45, Medium (60cm x 90cm) Natural Brown £45, Medium (60cm x 90cm) Taupe £45, Medium (60cm x 90cm) Dark Gray £45, Medium (60cm x 90cm) Black £45, Large (60cm x 95cm) Ivory £55, Large (60cm x 95cm) Oyster £55, Large (60cm x 95cm) Champagne £55, Large (60cm x 95cm) Light Gray £55, Large (60cm x 95cm) Natural Brown £55, Large (60cm x 95cm) Taupe £55, Large (60cm x 95cm) Dark Gray £55, Large (60cm x 95cm) Black £55, X Large (60cm x 100cm) Ivory £58, X Large (60cm x 100cm) Oyster £58, X Large (60cm x 100cm) Champagne £58, X Large (60cm x 100cm) Light Gray £58, X Large (60cm x 100cm) Natural Brown £58, X Large (60cm x 100cm) Taupe £58, X Large (60cm x 100cm) Dark Gray £58, X Large (60cm x 100cm) Black £58

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