Our Tables - The Details





Our tables are built with style in mind. While the bases are made from 'new' FSC certified wood our reclaimed tops are what makes them rustic. 

You'll find a variety of features which vary from table to table. These may be from their previous life or simply the natural grain and pattern in the wood. We enhance these features and will never send out a table we wouldn't want ourselves. They are 'imperfectly perfect' and that's the way we like them! 





Reclaimed wood is not for everyone. It is full of character which of course makes it unique but it is very different to high street furniture that is made to be uniform. 

Reclaimed wood comes with dents, scratches, splits, missing knots, uneven surfaces and signs of old nails or staples.  We'll always select planks that work well together to ensure a beautiful overall look. Read our full table specs t's and c's  below for full details.





Handmade items are exactly that, handmade. You won't find factory grade precision in our work but you will find uniqueness, attention to detail and of course heaps of character!  All the wood used is cut by hand and then built by hand as well. Painting and waxing? You guessed it, all done with our own fair hands.

We are an affordable and ethical choice for solid wood furniture that is handmade in the UK and not imported.


Tabletop Finishes



We have a standard range of 12 colours which are based on the Farrow & Ball range. We much prefer our own brand of professional quality eggshell paint as it has far less of a sheen and is more durable in our experience. Each tone is colour matched to the original shade.

If you would like a different brand or colour we are happy to do this,  We'll give you the leftover paint when we deliver too. You can choose add a bespoke colour via the 'Custom Colour' product in the online shop.

Tabletop Finishes

Tabletop Finishes

Tabletop Finishes


Our standard finish is our antique finish. It is a rustic oak tone which works well with any colour scheme. Not too yellow nor too rich. We also have a pale 'scrubtop' finish for a more untouched scrubbed  look as well as a mid walnut tone for darker wood interiors. See the 'Colours' page for more details.

All tabletops are finished with Osmo Polyx oil, a premium hard wax oil that gives 3-5 years of protection. It is very resistant to water, dirt and stains and is also completely child/pet friendly.  For a natural  unvarnished look there is nothing better to protect and enrich your table for years to come.

Custom Sizes

Tabletop Finishes

Tabletop Finishes


We list a selection of the most common lengths but you can choose your own specific size. There is a 'custom length' upgrade in the product listings to add up to 15cm extra or go for the next full size up and add a note at checkout for your bespoke length.

Add extra planks to make your table wider. These come in 22cm increments or you can go further and specify an exact width. For a narrower table contact us for the discount code.

All straight legged items can be adjusted in height - add a note at checkout when you order.


The Farmhouse Table

The Farmhouse Table

The Farmhouse Table


The Farmhouse Table - a timeless classic with a curved leg. Combine with a modern colour or traditional tone. This is our only detachable leg option so the best choice for homes with narrow or awkward access.

The Bakery Table

The Farmhouse Table

The Farmhouse Table


The Bakery Table is based on a Victorian kitchen table with gently tapered legs. Both classic yet also simple enough for modern environments. Pair with chairs or a straight leg bench.

The Dairy Table

The Farmhouse Table

The Dairy Table


Our Dairy Table leans towards a more contemporary look with a  thick straight leg giving a strong silhouette. It's a good choice for pairing with modern chairs as well as matching benches.

Table Specifications - The small print

 Our reclaimed wood could contain all of the following characterful traits:

  •     Dents and scratches that are original to the piece of timber. 

  •     Small missing knots of wood - usually placed on the outside planks.

  •     Minor splits that do not interfere with the function of the piece. These can be present on arrival or can develop over time.    

  •     Minor discolouration that is original to the piece of timber.

  •     Signs of old nails or staples within the wood (made completely smooth and do not interfere with the function).

  •    Unevenness to surfaces from the natural cupping of the timber. These planks are usually placed in the middle of tables to aid with cups and plates being able to sit flat. Sometimes it may be necessary to use a placemat.

  •    Minor gapping off up to several mm between planks at certain times of year if/when the wood shrinks.

  •  You may find that you need to pop a felt pad under a leg to rectify a wobble if slight movement occurs.

All our wood is carefully  kiln dried to a humidity of 8-10% moisture, an industry standard level. We use only the best reclaimed planks and reject timber that is unsuitable for furniture making.

 In very dry or warm settings this moisture content percentage could decrease, leading to cracks/movement.  This is usually over the winter when homes are warmer and dryer than normal due to central heating.

Due to the use of salvaged materials slight movement is to be expected. Wood is a natural and 'live' material and care must be taken to avoid fast changes in environment.

We make our furniture with wood movement in mind; however we can’t take responsibility should the piece react to the heat and/or humidity of your own environment.

Underfloor heating, strong sunlight such as in conservatories or exceptionally warm homes can impact on the movement and also shrinkage of the wood. We advise you to avoid any heated room for the first 6 weeks while the wood settles to your environment and then slowly acclimatize it to your normal conditions.

We recommend avoiding the use of a PVC or waterproof tablecloth on your table as this will result in uneven moisture distribution and can result in warping and other issues.

Do not store your table or bench in a damp or cold space such as a garage or shed as this may lead to movement due to the moisture levels and temperature.

Our sizes are approximate and may vary by up to 20mm in length and width.

We will not accept returns, make alterations, or offer refunds due to issues arising from the customer's personal preference on wood grain, colour or any other character of the wood.


Straight leg tables and benches are often made with salvaged timber for the legs which may also feature rustic character and may not be completely flat when painted. 

The undersides of our products are lightly sanded around the outer edges but are not oiled like the tops.

 Our colour range describes shades used by Farrow & Ball. Please note that items are not finished using Farrow & Ball branded paint. Professional quality paint with colour matched tones are used to finish all products apart from those who select a custom colour upgrade.

Due to the nature of the wood used, the final finishes may vary from photos online or samples we send out, but we will always do our best a get a good match.

On occasion we will slightly sand one or two feet on a table or bench after it has been built to ensure the items sits flat. This is to compensate for slight unevenness from the reclaimed wood tops which can affect the table once the reclaimed materials are joined up  with the new wood base.